New value proposition, key visual and product website for Benfogamma.

What we did.

Woerwag Pharma is a German pharma company with 12 offices across the globe. For this strategic project, we had a chance to work with the Polish branch on creating a new value proposition for Benfogamma - a drug against diabetic retinopathy which changed category from RX drug to OTC.  

The creative process was divided into a number of milestones, and included ideation sessions with the client, to combine our marketing know-how with hands-on experience. Discover the story behind the scenes!  

Patient communication guidelines (buyer personas)

New value proposition (benefits, messaging & key visual)

Product landing page 

Content (promo video & print brochure) 



Understanding the (new) client.

Diabetes patients have a wide array of offers coming their way - as a part of the OTC battle for drugs for managing, preventing and curing diabetes. Benfogamma had been available in Poland only with prescription (RX drug), before this year changing category to OTC. Therefore, the new customer is the patient, not the doctor, so the whole communication strategy needed an update. 

To understand this new customer, we organised a creative workshop with our client's sales representatives, who had first-hand information about the needs of the patients from the doctors. We mapped a number of 4 patient profiles who represent the main target audiences.  

Promotional content development.

The knowledge about the target audiences allowed us to create strategic materials used in the promotion of the drug.   


Landing Page. 


Promotional Video.






Very complex project, it was a pleasure to help our client identify new opportunities with the drug! 

Julia Domagalik Account Manager


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