From baby steps to exploring the space: big and small technologies improving our lives

Published by Tomasz Łabonarski on 21/05/2018

The story behind 2 great videos we have created lately.


Recently, Clipatize was appointed by two technology companies, Mynaric and Neuro Device Group, to create a meaningful video content explaining their high-technology solutions. The projects successfully combined great animation and storytelling and provided a deepened information on Laser Communication (Mynaric) and a device for monitoring Baby Health (Neuro Device Group).


Beyond health gadgets

Neuro Device Group developed a small device to take pressure off the parents troubled by many challenges of looking after a baby. Their Baby Monitor, despite its small size, is a mighty device capable of warning parents when the child’s wellbeing is at risk. The main mission behind creating this innovative device is to prevent babies from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Every year SIDS claims many lives yet can be easily prevented through careful control of a baby’s position and body temperature. The device is also non-allergic, its size makes it impossible to be swallowed, and its frequency is harmless. Baby Monitor informs parents about any danger-implying movements and records the baby’s body temperature 24/7. As it is connected to the application on the smartphone, LifeTone enables parents to monitor even up to 8 babies at the same time and store the data which can be then easily analysed by a paediatrician.


We created a video which not only explains the advantages of using such a device, but also transcends the universal happiness and worries that every parent knows all too well. Our 2D animation video portrayed a period of time in the life of a baby, in which the parents, despite the unparalleled joy of having a baby, have to confront the usual parental problems of exhaustion and constant worrying.

The video delivers the whole information package in a pleasing, heartwarming graphic style —  all of it based on high quality storytelling and with strong attention to detail.


Connecting the world via the space


Mynaric devised a groundbreaking Laser Communication - a wireless technology of a point-to-point communication between moving objects, interconnected by laser beams.


The main purpose of this technology is to link the satellites circling around the globe and connect every region on the Earth to the Internet. Fiber optic cables or cell towers have their limitations, whereas Mynaric transfers communication channels from the ground to the sky and thus connect the world wirelessly on a whole new scale.



The challenge for us was to mirror the innovative status of Laser Communication in animation. To show the full potential and scale of this technology, we created a futuristic 3D animation. A wide spectrum of engaging and beautifully designed graphics, shifting and switching in perfect synchronization with the narration, tell the story of reaching to the skies for innovation. To present the potential global effect of the Mynaric technology we operated both on a large scale, showing the laser beams connection between orbiting satellites as well as in detail, zooming on single moving objects of sophisticated geometry. We achieved this with a dynamic camera movement, building a space-like depth and by keeping the video in a simple colour palette, using black and navy blue with glow effects. We introduced meaningful data delivered through explanatory narration.

The biggest achievement was the successful presentation of a complex, detailed high-technology in a simplified form, resulting in a video both interesting, informative, and creative.

We are always excited about high-tech products we can bring closer to the audience through a video message, but we are super pumped if our clients are open for premium production styles and let us challenge our experienced illustrators and motion designers

Jan Kuczynski, Creative Director at Clipatize.

"During the making of [...] assets the cooperation with Clipatize, ran in an immaculate manner. A huge commitment, efficient communication, and quick responses to all of our comments and doubts resulted in original projects, attractive both when it comes to style and substance

Olga Reunamo, CCO, Neuro Device

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