Our story with Nicoletta Cataldo from Erasmus for Entrepreneurs

Published by Jan Kuczynński on 15/12/2016

For the last 3 months, we have had the pleasure to have in our office and work together with the talented Nicoletta Cataldo within the frame of the Erasmus for Entrepreneurs Program

Since 2008 Nicoletta has been working as a Production Manager for many Italian companies, among which is Alba Produzioni, Prima Film, IndiCinema Italia, Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali and ZEN.movie.

The EfE program offers international exchange opportunities to young entrepreneurs, who spend time in a different country, where they actively look for mentors, business opportunities, success stories and valuable action plans for their business. 

Nicoletta's company, Insolita Films "is developing a creative production hub to help managers, entrepreneurs, and employees to promote their enterprises and to face management and organizational set-ups through creative solutions - she says.

nicoletta cataldo kuba lebuda clipatize agency warszawa rome erasmus for entrepreneurs internship

Nicoletta Cataldo and Kuba Lebuda in Warsaw/ Clipatize HQs


"Today it is really important to open a dialogue that leads to awareness and responsibility to produce culture. That is the real opportunity to draw a sustainable model of socio-economic development for the future.

Insolita Film is a creative production hub that seeks to convey an idea of a participatory culture that has not only a commercial value.

I believe that cultural production is inspired by an ethic more attentive to the social aspects, and therefore can not follow the rules of mere profit. The value of the projects is given by the concepts, principles and production methods that they convey.

To make the cultural capital a lever of development, innovation must commit to culture and produce widespread creativity. Innovation must push new generations to invest energy and talent to transform our cultural heritage and project into the future. The culture has to be the attractive capital to young people who run away abroad not only for lack of economic resources but above all, for lack of a future project.

Creativity and Culture are a pillar of social quality, understood as a context-free community, just, economically developed, culturally alive and high quality of life.

The challenge is very high: it is to redistribute the culture while we look back, and think in its redistribution becomes a way to produce new ideas, contamination, possibilities for the future. But I firmly believe that it is possible." 


Thanks Nicoletta for the expertise, insights, and energy you brought to our HQs during your stay and stay in touch!




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